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* ALOHA!* 

Happy 2020! 
May All Our Dreams Blossom With Beauty. 

Hope you are staying safe & happy in these troubled times...please remember: 

We are the good medicine we need. :) <3

Starting March 15th, I will release a love song a day in 432 hz, along with a back~story for it. <3 
I will release them on my Instagram page (Ishle_Yi_Park) and also on my Facebook page under the name LANI. 

Come. Let me sing songs round da fire for you, keep you warm thru this night. ;) <3 
If Babylon goes crazier, at least I know I did my small part to give beauty to this world in a time of madness, haha. <3

Please support your LOCAL ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER ARTISTS in this time of need,
when Asian Americans are experiencing the worst yellow~peril xenophobia since the days of Japanese Internment!
Put your money where your heart is & help grassroots artists & not just da ones who already got plenny kala, yo! ;) <3

Each song will be one dollar, or you can buy an acoustic lovesong EP
of your favorite lovesongs for $5, and the albums for $12 each, or $30 for all 3! <3

Now accepting PRE~orders. <3 
Just Venmo: @kehaulanimusic! <3

* FIRST 20 Pre~orders will receive a special gift from me! * 

<3 Mahalo nui loa in advance for your support of an Asian American mama
& island singer in these trying times!  <3 
Here's to Community Rising in times of crisis <3 I LOVE YOU ALL. <3

Here's a taste of what's to come: 

1) Kehaulani & Kealohamana (LANI & IRIE J) ~ this is an album of acoustic love~songs recorded within the period of one beautiful, enchanted summer on the Big Island of Hawaii. A mix of originals, hula classics, and reggae covers. Just two ukulele players singing in harmony for a lovely spell.

2) LANI (GRASSROOTS) ~ an album of original island reggae & acoustic love songs written, recorded, and composed by Lani in HAWAII on her laptop, with an ukulele, by the sea. Milk & Honey, Romantic, and Seas of Love included in this heartfelt collection. 

3) LANI * SWEET GOLD ~ this is an instrumental album by LANI of tribal beats and rhythms you can dance to. No words necessary; its a dreamy, spacey, sweet, sexy vibe. ;)

4) LANI ~ ACOUSTIC LOVESONGS EP ~ Here's an original deal! You are FREE to CHOOSE your favorite FIVE songs from me ~ any ones you please! ~ and I'll give them to you as .mp3s for your own personal custom EP, for your listening pleasure! :) <3 Just listen to the offerings I'll be sharing starting March 15th, and message me with your top 5, and I'll email them to you for $5 ~ simple! Win~Win. :)

5) ALBUM BUNDLE ~ $30 for all 3 albums!! <3

To support, simple VENMO @kehaulanimusic your choice of album or EP (1,2,3, 4 or 5) TODAY, and I will send you .mp3 versions of the songs with the album cover and/or accompanying bonus music video(s) to your email for you to enjoy! <3

You can also get a free song & more updates if you sign up at my personal website, which is simply my full name Kehaulani and the word music, followed by dot com, haha. Thank you in advance for your support ~ it will truly be helping a single mother provide for her angels in trying times ~ so God BLESS YOU!